Concern for the environment and the actions we take to care for Mother Earth, has gained great strength in recent years. The world seems to be becoming aware of the magnitude of the problem and what pollution and global warming represent for future generations; promoting the search for various actions that allow us to be more friendly to the planet.

In this sense, architecture and construction are a fundamental part in the creation of eco-sustainable designs and proposals. Currently there are different global projects and initiatives that not only contemplate the ecological part, but also innovation in proposals to solve environmental problems and reduce the impact of our footprint.

Urban planification

Mexico is one of the countries where such awareness and innovation has been transferred to actions. Such is the case of “EcoCasa de México”, an innovative program with high social, economic and environmental impact, created by the Mexican government since 2013. This program has allowed financing the construction of more than 70 thousand homes with construction standards sustainable and energy efficient, located in suitable environments, which has reduced more than 1.8 million tons of CO₂.

If we go to the world scene, there is an award known as the UN-Habitat Scroll of Honor, which was launched in 1989, to recognize initiatives that have made outstanding contributions in the field of sustainable urbanization. This year, “EcoCasa de México” was recognized by the United Nations (UN) as it promotes and promotes a sustainable habitat, in such a way that said project was awarded one of the five Scrolls of Honor during the celebrations of the Day. Habitat World Cup 2020, on October 5, 2020. This year’s theme was: “Housing for all: a better urban future”.

The constant search for new innovative projects that are more friendly to the environment, has been a trend around the world, as it is lived on the outskirts of Copenhagen, in the town of Brøndby Haveby, Denmark, where there is a new real estate trend, which proposes a truly unique and ecological urban planning initiative, known as the circular garden city, which consists of groups of houses that are strategically arranged to form circles with the parking lots in the central crown and orchards, whose main objective is to live away from the big city, allowing its inhabitants to consume organic products first hand.

The idea is that each house has a common front yard, which allows social life producing food for the community, which in turn, allows residents to be surrounded by greenery and enjoy the tranquility, away from the noisy and busy city ​​life.

Ecological Colorines Group

Projects like the previous ones, which aim to motivate others in their actions, generating a positive social, economic and environmental impact, in conjunction with our commitment to Mother Earth; They have served as inspiration to create new developments under a similar scheme. And the state of Yucatán is a pioneer in the region.

In this regard, Grupo Colorines is seen as one of the real estate developers most committed to an eco-sustainable lifestyle, which allows people to live in harmony with nature.

Alejandro Granja Peniche, Commercial Director of the Colorines Group, states that currently businesses must be focused in favor of life, in favor of Mother Earth. “All digital trends, business, companies that are in favor of nature, of conscience, in favor of life, in a disinterested way, are those that continue and will continue to grow.”

At Grupo Colorines, Granja highlights, “We understand that we must all assume the commitment to give back and give more to the Planet, evolving in conscience, therefore, as a company, we are in favor of the human being and of Mother Nature. To give back something of all that we have received, to be grateful ”.

As part of this commitment, we have developments that are based on self-sustainability such as San Pedro Yucatán, San Gabriel Yucatán and Guaraná, Tierra Cancún. Each one has a Manifesto that seeks to generate commitment from all parties, us as developers and investors, to protect the environment where they are located, respect the fauna and flora of the place, and build by applying technologies and materials in favor of environmental protection. .

The fact that the intention to protect and coexist in harmony with nature exists from the beginning, presents us as a conscious and consistent Real Estate Hub in our discourse. This also, highlights Granja Peniche, “happens because we also want to support the communities that live in these environments. And our message is multiplied, because all those who buy and invest in these developments are aligning themselves with our vision and expanding the scope of what we want to achieve, which is that there is an evolution in the real estate sector in the region, setting a trend , an intention, so that we can all grow in full consciousness ”.

“At the same time, with these projects, we put a business alternative where end consumers can not only have a safe investment but also be doing something for others where they receive a benefit, thinking about economic growth as a group”, Alejandro affirms.

It is evident that global trends are guiding us to create, develop projects, constructions that seek balance and harmony with the environment. Minimize the human footprint, affect as little as possible. What is sought now is to coexist and create.

Definitely developments such as those mentioned in Mexico and Denmark, the fact that a Mexican project is recognized, shows that we are on the right path. But the commitment must increase and grow, because the Planet is making us feel that way. We are at the exact point where as individuals we must think more collectively and understand that if we do not work to preserve, conserve, protect the ecosystem, the world will become unlivable for man and Mother Earth will reclaim his spaces.

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